discover the mentors WHO WILL SUPPORT ACCELERATION 2023

2811, Ashoka and BID Lab join forces to seek social innovations that wish to receive advice from a venture board and mentoring from senior leaders in the areas of business and strategy. Together with them, the selected innovations will address critical elements of their operations and impact to take their project to the next level.

Adriana Mata

Production engineer with more than 15 years of experience in sustainability and projects for corporations, companies and NGOs. She has co-founded software companies that help measure impact in an accessible way, such as Cuantix and Agile Impacts. She has experience as an entrepreneurship and impact measurement mentor at Google and Village Capital.

Alejandro Altman

Founder and president of the Civil Association Pasión por Ayudar, whose mission is to develop the potential of non-profit organizations, social aid groups and entrepreneurs that contribute to the culture of work, entrepreneurship and that are linked to helping people with scarce resources, in social disadvantage or in situations of vulnerability.

Álvaro Carrasco

Commercial engineer and CEO of BRAVE UP!, a mobile application that helps schools to detect, predict and prevent cases of bullying and cyberbullying, with a data collection system that allows real-time detection.

Angel Morales

Commercial engineer and executive director of UDD Ventures, the business accelerator of Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD). He has experience in social innovation with Servicio País, Fundación América Solidaria and TECHO. He is involved in open innovation initiatives, corporate entrepreneurship and early stage startup growth.

Angela Ampuero

Commercial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Innovation and Design from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Specialist in Fintech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has an interest in the areas of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, creativity, and experience and product design.

Claudia Roitman

Director of Ziel, a human resources, search, training, organizational consulting and talent detection consulting firm. He specializes in individual development plans for international projections, labor relations, talent management, among others.

Cristobal Maggiora

Commercial engineer and co-founder of Betterfly, an international business platform that rewards the well-being and healthy activities of workers with donations to charitable causes, financial protection and different types of advice.

Denise Klahr

Graduate in Social Communication and postgraduate in Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute in India. Co-founder of The Storytelling Program, a virtual program that works with Latin American entrepreneurs in their personal development and in the communication and identity of their social impact projects, through the power of stories.

Fabian Schiaffino

Commercial engineer and executive director of Agencia Mapocho, an initiative that develops training programs, consulting, content and creative ideas, seeking to promote associative ecosystems, transformation through storytelling and the inspiration of agents of change.

Felipe Contreras

Commercial engineer and founding partner of Gulliver, a venture that advises and implements corporate innovation programs focused on strengthening employee engagement to develop solutions with high economic, social and environmental impact.

William Willi

He has experience in challenging digital and commercial environments, with global exposure to diverse generations and work cultures. Executive Director of Digital House, an edtech organization that empowers the technology ecosystem by empowering future creators of the digital world.

Ignacio Munaretto

Accountant and entrepreneur. Co-founder of BORNA, a clothing brand conceived with fair trade practices, which promotes social inclusion by inserting women in vulnerable situations and people with disabilities in the production process.

Jessica Oyarbide

Founder of Marcas que Marcan, an initiative that helps people, organizations and brands to discover and put into action their social potential, their capacity to generate positive impact on themselves, society and the environment.

Yoyo Riva

CEO of Tekuoia, an impact company that drives business through design, open innovation, accompaniment, identification and preparation of triple-impact ventures to be accelerated and raise capital.

Juan Pablo Larenas

Strategic development executive and co-founder of Sistema B, a non-profit organization that advocates for civil society and business to work together to build a fair and regenerative economy for people and planet.

Julian Ugarte

Social entrepreneur, founder of TECHO's Center for Social Innovation and executive director of Socialab, a platform -spin off of TECHO- oriented to the development and acceleration of social innovations and impact entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Marcela Oyarzún

Journalist with more than 15 years of experience advising and directing communications in the public and private sectors, where she has been head of press and communications director. She has been an ambassador at Avonni (2012), a facilitator at Ashoka (2017) and a mentor for Socialab's Impulsa program. Founder of Radar Creativo, a youth innovation agency.

María Ignacia Aybar

Lawyer and Master in Political Science from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has vast experience in advocacy and management of social projects in public and non-governmental, national and international organizations, on issues related to employment, education and gender. Executive Director of Fundación Tremendas.

María José Urrutia

Designer and Master in Advanced Design from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has 11 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, promoting programs to support entrepreneurs, raising capital for entrepreneurs and bringing innovation closer to companies. Co-founder of Këtrawa Lab, a venture advisory firm.

Marta Roson

Co-founder of, an organization that works towards the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities through the outsourcing of business processes.

Matias Rojas

Industrial engineer specialized in management and development of social enterprises and innovation methodologies. He has consulted on innovation and sustainability in the private, public and tertiary sectors. Co-founder of Socialab, a social enterprise focused on the development and acceleration of social innovations and impact entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Natalia Ca

Co-founder of, an organization for the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. She is an entrepreneurial development advisor: she articulates, connects and works for a more open entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Natalia Espinoza

Industrial civil engineer, founder and general manager of Papinotas, an integral communication system that promotes the school-family relationship in a constructive way. He is a member of the board of directors of the G100 group of entrepreneurs.

Patricia Juan Ramón

She has more than 10 years of experience in civil society organizations, specializing in institutional strengthening and program design, implementation and evaluation. She has worked as Director of Social Areas in TECHO (Paraguay and Argentina). Member of the Board of Directors of the Civil Association Minkai, which promotes access to education in rural contexts in Argentina.

Peggy Rivas

She has directed social organizations in the areas of children, adolescents and women. She is general director of the Asociación Mujeres Emprendedoras de Venezuela and representative of the Semilleras de Emprendedoras Latam (AME) project, an initiative that seeks to contribute to the economic and social insertion of Venezuelan migrant families in Argentina.

Sebastian Gaggero

Sociologist and director of Matríztica, a consulting firm founded by Humberto Maturana and Ximena Davila, with 22 years of experience developing knowledge on the transformation and cultural integration of people and organizations.

Tomás Chernoff

Industrial engineer (UBA) working since 2010 with digital manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Founder Che3D, a company specialized in digital manufacturing processes. It is a partner of public and private institutions, accompanying them in their digital transformation process.

Virginia Moretti

Founding partner of Impulso 360, an ontological coaching and consulting service that seeks to expand people's personal, organizational and social potential to substantially improve their lives and allow them to create new realities.

Joaquín Salgado

Development Director of KaiFilu, a company that promotes local development by articulating talents, trades and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has been working for more than 10 years in entrepreneurship and social innovation projects.